Personal Injury- Truck Accidents

Accidents involving trucks are more catastrophic than those between typical cars. Based on the laws of physics and weight disparity between trucks and typical cars, truck accidents cause serious injuries and fatalities. If you or you loved has been involved in a truck accident, you can greatly benefit from the expertise of a personal injury attorney from a firm like Stokes Legal. Additionally, there are several measures you can take to ensure that you have a strong case.

Inform the Authorities

In most cases, collisions involving trucks block the flow of traffic. Again, there are passengers who may have suffered injuries. Involving the police immediately will add onto the credibility of your case. The police will prepare a report which will include contacts and personal information of the truck drivers and trucking company, details of the insurance company, contact information of witnesses and details of any tickets issued at the scene of the accident.

Take Photographs

It is very important to take photographs of the scene. Include photos of your car and the truck. Ensure that your photographs focus on the point of impact. Look out for skid marks, as this will help build a stronger case. Try to capture any damage signs. You can also photograph the truck driver and bystanders who witnessed the accident.

Take Notes

You cannot trust your memory to recall everything that happened on the scene. If you do not have a notepad, use your phone or pad. Write down your observations on the scene. Carefully note any admissions that the truck driver may make such as "I'm sorry I did not see you" "I lost control". Listen to the witnesses who may have witnessed the accident from a different angle and write their comments. This information should be handed to a personal injury lawyer who will build a solid case for you.

Look Out For Surveillance Cameras

Check if there are surveillance cameras close to the accident scene. Ensure that you note down their locations. These cameras can be found on street light poles, businesses and schools. You can visit these locations and ask for a copy of the video surveillance. If you are not in a position to, you can simply note down the locations and have your personal injury attorney subpoena them.

There are many parties involved when an accident happens. Proving negligence will require the expertise of a personal injury lawyer.

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