Three Things You Need to Bring for a Sexual or Physical Abuse Claim Against the Department of Defense

Recently, over a hundred people have come forward with claims of sexual or physical abuse against the Department of Defence. If you were the victim of sexual or physical abuse from this entity and you want to bring a claim forward, there are several things that can help make your claim more successful. Ideally, you should have these elements in place:

1. Proof of your personal damage

The effects of sexual and physical abuse are varied, but they can be extremely intense. Due to the trauma related to living through these events, many victims suffer from psychological issues such as post traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety or self-harming behaviours. In some cases, these issues can make it hard to work or maintain personal relationships.

To effectively bring a case against someone, whether they are the Department of Defense or another entity, you need to be prepared to show the extent of your damages. To that end, you may need doctor or therapy bills that you have accumulated over the years, mental health records, and people willing to make statements about how you or your life changed after the abuse.

2. Witness testimony

One of the hardest parts of bringing sexual cases to court is that they often occur in privacy. In these cases, it often boils down to the word of the defendant against the claimant. However, if you have witnesses who are willing to make a statement, that can help to bolster your case.

Witnesses may include people who were there such as in cases of public abuse or gang rape, but they could also include people who you told about the abuse after it occurred. In some cases, even letters or journal entries from that time detailing the abuse can be useful.

3. Flexibility

If you have been sexually or physically abused by the Department of Defence or any other entity, you deserve compensation or at least acknowledgement of your injuries. However, in some cases, people have been hurt in more than one way by this entity, and it's important to explore all of the possible angles for a suit.

Even if you are worried that you may not be able to prove your sexual or physical abuse occurred, you may be able to bring a different lawsuit against the Department of Defence. For example, if you were affected by toxic jet fuel, the side effects of antimalarial drugs or any other aspect of being in the military, you may be able to bring a case related to that issue forward.

For more guidance on what you should do if you were personally injured due the abusive culture or negligence of the military, contact a personal injury lawyer, such as those at Nigams Legal, and learn more about your rights today.


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