Buying a Home? Follow These Tips for the Closing Process

If you are currently in the process of closing on your new home, there are a few things to do first. If you simply show up to sign the final loan documents, the lack of preparation could get you in trouble. Here are some tips for getting through the closing process without any snags.

Do a Final Walkthrough

While you likely already viewed the home several times and had inspections done, you should verify that the condition of the home is the same even after putting the offer in. Before you sign anything, ask to see the property once more. It is possible that the home was broken into or otherwise incurred damage in the past few days or weeks since you agreed to buy it, and you need to know for sure. Walk through every room of the home, doing a quick visual inspection of the plumbing and electrical systems. Also check areas like the attic and basement to be sure you don't see issues you didn't catch the first time.

Acquire Homeowner's Insurance

Some lenders might require that you have a homeowner's insurance policy before the home buying process can be complete. Even if it isn't a legal requirement, it is still a good idea to get the policy before you even step foot in the home. If something happens between the time you sign papers to have the home in your name and when you move in, such as a fire, the damages will only be covered if you have the policy already.

Review the Loan Documents

It is a good idea to review the loan documents form the lender, verifying that all information is accurate. Check with the lender to be sure there haven't been issues with your loan and down payment and that you are still approved for funding. Many people forget to do this, and due to human error or other issues, have big problems later on. Don't sign anything until all information about the mortgage loan is verified and reviewed once more.

Choose a Reputable Conveyancer

When signing the final paperwork, you will go through a conveyancing process. This is when the closing costs are issued, papers are signed, and you finally get ownership. It is also when the transfer of the house title takes place. The conveyancer needs to be licensed and reputable. They are helping you to prepare paperwork, so you want to know you chose the right one. There are also online and mobile conveyancers for your convenience if you can't make it into a local conveyancer's office.

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