When to Call a Business Lawyer For Your Company

Not every business deal should require the services of a business lawyer; you may be able to bring on a family member as a partner or sell a small business to a friend without needing a lawyer to guide you through every single step of the process. However, there are many times when it's good to consult with a business lawyer and have them guide you through a business deal or other such legal issue. Note when it's always good to call a business lawyer for your business deal or legal matter no matter your industry or size of your company.

1. When buying a business with environmental issues

If you want to buy a business and the building is on land with any type of environmental issues, note that you may be liable for cleanup and other such expenses once you own the business. The same is true if you buy a business with manufacturing equipment that is outdated and which causes pollution; you are then usually liable for any fees and fines from using that equipment once you own the business. Have a business lawyer advise you on your rights as well as your liabilities when there is even the potential for environmental issues to be involved.

2. When someone is defaming you or your business

It's not good to ignore defamation, slander, and the like, as even casual remarks by a former employee on social media sites can suddenly go viral and be seen by thousands of persons, and your business may be greatly impacted. Even if someone is saying something defaming about an employee and not you in particular, this can be costly to your business. Consult with a business lawyer who specializes in these types of cases to ensure your rights and your reputation are both protected and you don't lose customers or clients due defaming remarks.

3. When you want to bring in foreign workers

Bringing in foreign workers for your business is usually not like hiring local workers. There are laws that affect the type of visa those workers require and how long they're valid, and laws about how you can employ and pay them. This ensures their rights are protected and that they are in the country legally at all times. If you're thinking of bringing in foreign workers, whether they're engineers to work on a quick project or specialists in a construction trade, consult with a business lawyer first so you know you're handling it properly.  

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