Why You Always Want to Consult With an Attorney For a Worker's Compensation Claim

Most employers are legally obligated to carry some type of worker's compensation insurance, to cover the medical bills and other expenses of workers who may be injured while on the job. If you've suffered any type of job-related injury, you want to consult with an attorney before you decide how to move forward. Note why this is and how a lawyer can help you with your claim.

1. You may be able to go back to work in a limited capacity

If your injury has long-term consequences, you may be able to eventually go back to work but in a limited capacity. In these cases, you may still be able to collect come type of compensation, in order to make up for any discrepancy in wages and to ensure your medical bills are still being paid. However, your employer or their insurance company may argue that since you're back to work, your claim should be denied or your case closed. Before you accept this response from them and even before you agree to return to work, talk to a lawyer so you know your rights will be protected.

2. Your contribution to your injury may affect a claim

Even if your employer has what is called "no fault" compensation insurance, meaning that you can file a claim if you accidentally injure yourself, this doesn't mean that he or she is never able to deny your claim because of your own actions. You cannot purposely injure yourself at work and then file for compensation. Ignoring basic safety measures may also affect your rights to a claim. This is why it's good to consult with an attorney, so you know how to defend your actions or if you even have a claim to file in the first place.

3. You may file a different claim if you're not technically a worker

If you're an independent contractor, it's good to have your own insurance for accidents you may suffer while working, as you're typically not covered under someone else's worker's compensation insurance when they use your services. However, you may have another type of claim to file for an injury while working. For instance, if someone has neglected to maintain their property or if they provided you with faulty equipment when working for them, you may have a claim for liability. Never assume that you cannot be reimbursed for medical expenses because you're not technically an employee, but consult with a workers compensation cover claims lawyer about your options.

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